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*Feel free to skip this section if you are a previous CTG game owner.

First, a little about Chip Theory Games. If you are actually reading this than you are probably fairly new to our games. Those that have backed us before, own something in our Hoplo series, or have played our games at conventions, automatically understand what's up. So first, let us give you a chance to hear from some of those people who, like you, may wince at the $125 price tag but also know its worth every penny. Check them out here.

If that didn't convince you, lets take a look at what is actually in this game.

  • 5 Die-cut Neoprene Play mats - Some may think neoprene is all the same...those "some" would be very wrong. Print quality, fabric type, neoprene composition, and thickness can all make or break the outcome. Print quality is an obvious one due to the fact that poor quality on neoprene results in dark, muddy images. Fabric type wasn't so important for Hoplo but is extremely important for Bones because you have dice rubbing on the fabric edges every time you lock or use a die. Composition is what determines elasticity and will help keep the dice in place. So what is a good, 10" x 9" die-cut mat worth? $12? $15? X5?
  • 34 11.5g Unit chips and 65 Health chips - Neoprene and chips go together like bread and butter. This duo is what makes CTG special. Each chip has a weight plug set inside it to give it that substantial feel. The sticker is actually a 2-part foil and hard plastic overlay that makes the images pop yet protects it from water drops or spills (if you want to see a funny video series on our Hoplo mats - check it out here). Our health chips are lighter and are all one mold imprinted with our logo. Much more elaborate in comparison to other game tokens. All your Baddie stats are right there on the chip. Value? Tons!
  • 83 Game Cards (Encounters, Loot, Troves, Bosses) - Even now as I list all of this I feel the need to go back and make sure we factored certain things into our game price! ;) Cards are a new one for us but you can be sure we won't disappoint!
  • 130 Custom-sided Dice (100+ unique) - I feel like this kind of speaks for itself, but in case it doesn't, then here are a few things to keep in mind. Dice size, imaging process, and cornering/tumbling process can all affect the quality outcome. We have an insane amount of dice art that includes very small numbers and multiple colors. The need for a quality process that can give us all of these things, can really affect the price of these dice!
  • Everything else - I'll spare you the rest of the details on our box, our dice tray molds, high-quality rulebook printing, etc. But just ask a Hoplo owner and they will confirm that we try to think of everything including what else might go in the box, what trays could be used outside the box and so on.

Ok, our VALUE pitch is over! :) If you are still not convinced, its ok! Thank you for getting this far. For those who remain...we aim to impress and dare not disappoint!



Let's be very clear: Our backers did the heavy lifting but you are benefiting from it. We have no KS Exclusives in this project and therefore you are getting ever single component, upgrade, and stretch they are. The only difference is they got a better price for making this a reality and have first dibs on our shipping schedule. Let's take a look at everything now available in this game: 


Too Many Bones is a 1-4 player Solo/Co-op RPG Adventure using dice to shape and implement your battle strategies. Game length is decided by the Boss tyrant you choose to confront and can range from 60-90 mins.


Sample Boss Card

You start your journey as a Gearloc in the town of Obendar, fighting one battle a day as you progress north toward the tyrant you are trying to take out. The goal is earn enough Progress points by completing Encounters/Daily Battles to reach the Boss Tyrant and trigger the final battle. You must achieve this within a set number of days shown on that tyrant.

Each day provides you with a new Encounter that will affect your next battle. Based on what you choose, you may gain very specific rewards or you may have to forfeit them to allow your party a better chance of success. Every Encounter card and the choices within can change from one game to the next due to how enemies are introduced into your battles.


Sample Encounter 1

Sample Encounter 2

Sample Encounter 3

Battles scale with your day counter and party size and is where all the action happens! A battle consists of determining and drawing enemies based on your total Baddie Strength. Your party then faces off against these opponents in an awesome dice-rolling battle! For example, if your party size is 2 and it is day 4, you multiply those together to get your Baddie Strength for that day's battle. However, before drawing those enemies, you must also check to see if your Encounter card alters those points. If not, you would be drawing, a 5-point Baddie, and 3 1-point Baddies.

If your total ends up filling more than 4 slots, the other Baddies are staged next to the Battle mat and fill empty spots immediately (but start at 1 initiative).


8 Baddie Strength Points

Battle Mat with Initiative Meter

Using your neoprene Character Mats and your unlocked stat and skills, you will decide which attack, defense, and skill dice to roll each round. Based on those rolls, you will then execute attacks, perform blocks, utilize your backup plan, or save dice for the next round.

Boomer's Character Mat with unlocked Skill Dice

Character Skill Dice (16 skill dice and 1 initiative die)

Basic Defense Dice

*The Attack and Defense dice shown in the full component list as well as our videos are prototype. The actual Atk and Def dice will have different color backgrounds so you can quickly tell them apart. This is true of both our White dice (for the Gearlocs) and Black dice (for the Baddies).


Character Skill Dice

When the dust settles and you are on top, you will gain progress points, increase your stat and skill trees, and often you are able to loot your enemies to better equip yourselves for your next encounter.

As you continue to complete encounters, your skill dice pool grows and eventually you will have earned enough Encounter points to trigger the Boss Tyrant battle! Defeating him will win you the game!



Note on Premium Health - this is added to your game. You will still receive the original 65 logo-molded health chips.

Note on the Liberation Logbook: Some of the details are still being worked out with this book since we want it to contain images of every one of our Baddies, Tyrants, and Gearlocs! Because this number is growing quickly...the book is getting more and more expen...valuable! :) The cost will stay at $25 but the details on printing material, binding, etc, need to be left open-ended due to these constant changes.

Here is what we know for sure each book will contain:

  • Artwork in various sizes of all completed Baddies and Tyrants (like you see in the example).
  • Artwork and concept/development art for all 7 Gearlocs (like you see in the example above).
  • A series of 7 (but probably more) short stories from the perspective of our Gearlocs, while on their adventure to the north.
  • Signatures from both Jim (writer), Anthony (artist), as well as Adam and myself.

Beyond that, our intention was to give this a very loose feel, as if they were page singles written in haste, constantly gathered, and transported in a binder of sorts. This part we cannot commit to just yet. We need to see what comes of how much art and story we are fitting in this thing! I'm sure you understand!

Note on the Adventure Map: There are 2 counters to this mat. The first is a glass bead that comes with the mat. This follows the paths on your map to track progress. The other counter is the Day Counter Chip (at 200k funding). This chip fits easily into the die-cut area in the bottom right corner of your map and tracks your days.

When you draw a Tyrant and set it next to the mat, this card will show the days and progress this adventure must be completed in. This will correspond with one of the 3 destinations on the map (each destination is a set amount of progress points away from Obendar and our Tyrants all adhere to one of those amounts). So, for instance, The Goblin King is an 8 progress Tyrant, which means he has taken up residence at Warspire. This location is on the map at 8 progress points from Obendar and is now your destination for this adventure.

All 3 locations must cross the Sibron river which is reached at 3 Encounters into any adventure. The map shows this very clearly and is a nice visual reminder that battles are now going to get harder.

Also, this mat makes Extended Campaigns much easier. An Extended Campaign is one where you attempt to clear not just one region but two or three! Once you complete your first location, it will grant you X progress to your second destination and you must backtrack to a split that will take you further north. An extended campaign can easily be done without this map, its just not quite as immersive.

To be clear, this map is not necessary to play TMB. Drawing the Tyrant card and step-stacking completed Encounter cards showing earned progress underneath - works great. That being said, this map really gives you a FEEL for where you are headed and helps you visualize the encounters you are facing and where they are happening within the story.

Boomer - 1-Turn Overview

Patches - 1-Turn Overview

Mat Grip Test

Tray Sample (Add-on) - Rolling

In Too Many Bones, you are playing as an unusual race of adventurers headed into a land overrun by all sorts of hostile creatures. Your race has lived hidden in the Deepwood for centuries and only recently, your kin have been forced to emerge to the south and take shelter within the walls of Obendar.

Due to your reclusive lifestyle, many in town are encountering your race for the very first time. Some in town believe you to be an elf, due to your distinct facial features; others, would say a goblin, from your size and build. Others still, would insist your high technological aptitude proves you a gnome! Only those most intimate with the Deepwood, know your true kind and kin as: Gearlocs. Big-eared, thin-bodied creatures with a conflicting love of nature and machine, and overall, an insatiable thirst for adventure!

The elder Gearlocs, know all too well that this growing danger to the north is the work of the Ebon, a melting pot of lawless creatures ruled by tyrants, each with a firm grasp on all the northern regions of Daelore. Because each of these regions has little to no communication with the next, it is the elders belief that a smaller party will be most effective and will draw the least attention. They have selected your party of adventurers and have tasked them with venturing northward to silence the Ebon one tyrant at a time.

This was never to be your task alone! Others were sequestered, but the Obendar militia is thin in ranks and any sellswords worth hiring, have already been swayed by the promise of plundering rights to aid the enemy. But no matter! For you are Gearlocs! And being the resourceful and fearless race that you are, your party has happily accepted this adventure! You will be among the first to travel north in many decades and your adventure begins today!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3




Chip Theory Games, LLC. is a game publishing company based out of Minnesota focused on high-end gameplay and components to create the most engaging, fun, and visual experience possible. Our game community is our #1 priority so you can always expect friendly and prompt service and communication.
Reach Adam or Josh any time at, contact us on Twitter @ChipTheoryGames, find us on or send us a message on Kickstarter.
Our team is made up of:

Game Design: Adam Carlson, Josh Carlson

Illustration: Anthony LeTourneau

Graphic Design: Josh Carlson
©2014 Chip Theory Games, LLC all rights reserved
All images, components, abilities etc. shown of the game are subject to change per manufacturer's requirements and/or the publisher's choice for what is in the best interest of the game and the backers.

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BONES (Pre-Order, Delivery 2)

BONES - Includes: Too Many Bones and all Unlocked Stretch Goals!

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